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Come meet me, and let's see what love can do.

Born in St Thomas USVI,  raised mainly in the Southern US, Lizann is an intersection of cultures and identities. The result is a strong desire to advocate for people of the diaspora and LGBTQIA+ communities through word. Identified as they/them, Lizann spent their time digging into the idea of self, identity, and love. Elementary found Lizann pouring over the poetry of Shel Silverstein and reading books by Beverly Cleary shaping their early thoughts. As their tastes expanded Lizann was drawn to fantasy and sci-fi as a form of escape, creating realms where they felt able to fully dream. Lizann realized in these worlds, unlike reality, anything could happen. In time this writing journey has come to include philosophizing love, romance, and relationships, and redefining these concepts with a focus on the truth of love and how it can heal. 

In pursuit of this Lizann attended the University of Central Florida and continued to polish the storytelling they felt compelled to write. Currently living in Los Angeles, they continue telling dynamic stories exploring a variety of writing including poetry, afro-futurism, and other fictional stories. Lizann has self-published a poetry book, and currently has another book in the editing stages with a masculine presenting lead character titled ...And Then There's Love. More things are on the horizon for them as they explore all that storytelling has to offer.

Seeking literary agent.

Los Angeles
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